May 7, 2021


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15 fabulous built-in wardrobe ideas for all interior styles

Built in wardrobes can revolutionise your bedroom where freestanding designs can’t. They can be made to fit that tricky corner with the sloping roof and come in a myriad of colors, finishes and materials. There are endless configurations and customizations available so you really can make it as individual as you like to suit your lifestyle and bedroom space.  

To help inspire your bedroom storage overhaul, we’ve rounded up our favourite built-in wardrobe ideas, below. 

1. Make glass doors a design feature

(Image credit: Go Mordern)

Glass doors enable you to see what you want straight away which will make that morning rush a lot easier, and they shake off that rumor that built-in wardrobes are old fashioned. This stunning clear glass-and-green design is perfect for a modern scheme. 

2. Opt for sliding doors if you’re short on space

Ikea wardrobe closed doors

(Image credit: IKEA)

Not strictly built-in, but the PAX system from Ikea does have the look of a fitted wardrobe, so if you’re on a budget and can’t afford a bespoke affair then this could be a great option. Their system wardrobes are also a great small bedroom idea – sliding doors allow more room for furniture because they don’t take up space to open.

3. Hate folding? Choose rails inside

sharps built in wardrobe

(Image credit: Sharps)

The interior of your wardrobe is key and it’s worth spending a bit of time considering what you need to store. We’re not all a whizz at folding, so having more inner rails than drawers could be the answer to your non-folding dreams! Half-height rails for blouses, shirts, skirts and jackets will make your life much easier, and if you wear dresses have one rail that’s full height.

4. Open up your space with mirrored wardrobe doors

sharps built in wardrobe

(Image credit: Sharps)

Having mirrored doors is useful for two reasons, the first being that they help to bounce the light around if your bedroom is small, and secondly, it means you have full length mirrors to check outfits in and no need to invest in a floor-standing mirror – win win!