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10 Hidden Details About The Characters’ Wardrobe

There are plenty of impressive things about FX show Sons Of Anarchy, from well-choreographed action scenes, to pretty motorcycles, to the tangled love lives of the characters. While the fashion isn’t exactly flashy, it’s still incredibly detailed. The club jackets not only look good but they are very symbolic too.

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The club colors and patches mean a lot to the members. Apart from club colors, there are plenty of other interesting details about the characters’ wardrobe too, as many of their developments and changes as characters can be reflected in the minute details of their clothing.

10 Jax’s Trademark Sneakers Are Missing In The Final Moments Of The Show

Jax gives Chucky instructions at the Teller Morror garage before riding off to his death

For most of the series, Jax wears white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. However, when he grabs his father’s old bike and rides to his death in the final minutes, he appears to be wearing black boots.

There is a good reason for this. When he finally corners Gemma and shoots her for murdering Tara, some of her blood splashes onto Jax’s clothes, including the shoes. He is briefly seen holding the blood-stained shoes. Given everything that’s in his mind, he likely wouldn’t bother to clean them.

9 Prospects Lack Full Colors

Sons of Anarchy Half Sack prospect

It’s understandable for anyone to be confused whenever the term “Full Colors” is mentioned. This simply refers to the three patches at the back of the Sons’ jackets.

The first patch is the “Top Rocker” which states the club’s name (Sons Of Anarchy). The second patch is simply referred to as the “Colors” which displays the club’s logo. At the bottom, there is the “Bottom Rocker” which displays the charter’s location. As for Prospects, they only have the “Bottom Rocker” which features “Prospect” instead of stating the location of the club.

8 The Eight Stars On The Collar Of Unser’s Police Uniform

Before the Charming Police Department gets disbanded and its services were taken over by San Joaquin Country Sheriff’s Office, Unser has a lengthy reign as Chief. While the department is still functional, both he and the junior officers wear light brown uniforms.

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There is one notable difference though. Unser’s uniform has four stars on each side of the collar. This is taken from real-life practices, as most police chiefs in the United States have similar stars on their collars.

7 Indian Hills Members Have Denim Kuttes

Jury White welcomes the Sons to Indian Hills

There are 48 Sons Of Anarchy charters globally and out of all that are featured in the show, the Indian Hills charter is the only one in a different wardrobe choice. Indian Hills president Jury White and his juniors are often seen donning denim kuttes instead of the leather ones worn by charters such as SAMCRO and SAMBEL.

The color of the jackets is also blue-gray instead of the black color seen in the other charters’ jackets. Old photos of the First 9 members also show them wearing gray denim jackets, so it could be a reflection that styling has just changed over time, or it could be a reflection of the fact that Indian Hills wasn’t originally a part of the Sons of Anarchy.

6 Clay’s Four Rings

Sons of Anarchy - Clay Morrow on his motorcycle

Clay Morrow always wears four rings on two fingers of his right arm, although he does appear to occasionally change up which jewelry pieces he wears.

No explanation is given as to why Clay wears the two rings on the show, so it’s probably just a fashion statement. It’s still an interesting choice though, as Clay isn’t typically the type to be overly flashy.

5 The “Men Of Mayhem” Patch

Juice Ortiz wearing a "Men Of Mayhem" patch

Most of the patches on the jackets only display the charter name and rank of the member on the front. However, some jackets have a “Men Of Mayhem” patch on them. What exactly is this?

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This particular patch is only given to members who have done a highly difficult, violent, and often crucial task for the club. Opie has one because he went to prison for 5 years and never snitched. Juice gets a similar patch after he lies that he whacked Miles for being an informant, yet he himself was the informant,

4 Jax Starts Wearing Long-Sleeved Shirts A Lot More After Becoming President

Sons of Anarchy Jackson Jax Teller

From the first to the fourth season, Jax mostly wears a white t-shirt underneath his club jacket. How he keeps it clean—considering all the shootouts, murders, chases through dusty roads, and fights he finds himself in—is a mystery.

When he finally takes over from Clay as president in Season 5, Jax substitutes white t-shirts for long-sleeved plaid shirts. He still wears the white t-shirts, though he does so a lot less than he used to. It feels like the decision is inspired by maturity, since the older characters like Bobby and Chibs also prefer this slightly less casual.

3 The Dapper Gangs

Damon Pope in Sons of Anarchy

For most gang members in California, fashion doesn’t occupy much of their minds. Clay repeats the same old clothes for years while Jax seemingly never considers wearing another t-shirt color.

However, two organized crime outfits seem to care more about how they look. The Lin Triad mostly wears more upscale attire. Their leader Henry Lin specifically prefers grey suits. Pope Partners Inc. members are all about tailor-made suits too. Both Damon Pope and his successor August Marks are keen on looking like businessmen rather than gangsters.

2 Guns On The Collar

Sons of Anarchy Jax Juice

Jax Teller has quite a few interesting patches on his kutte. However, one thing that can be easy to miss is the gun artwork in his collar.

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Jax first comes across the artwork during an art fair in the first season. It should be presumed that he was impressed by it and decided to put it on his collar. If that’s the case, then one might wonder why Les Packer, the president of the San Bernardino charter, also has the same artwork on his collar.

1 Gemma Never Drops The Black

sons of anarchy

Throughout her time in the series, Gemma is never seen without the color black on her wardrobe. Most of the time, it’s her black leather jacket and her black boots.

There are a few scenes where she can be spotted with heels but they are still black. Even when she is spotted without her jacket, she still has black boots on. Is it symbolic or just a fashion statement? Gemma is obviously a dark character. She is manipulative with little to no remorse. There’s no denying that black does indeed look good on her and suit her characterization well.

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